My Reading Corner

I have always loved to read as many of you also do.  About twenty years ago, I decided to spend my time only reading books that would add to my Christian life.  I have found so many authors who do just that.
Right now I am reading books by Bodie and Brock Thoene, (pronounced Taynee.) 

This series of books (12 books) is named A.D. Chronicles.  The whole life of Jesus is covered.  The Thoene’s write:  Discover the TRUTH through fiction.  Whenever scripture is quoted, a footnote refers one to the place in the Bible where one can find it.  In the Bible we are not told everything that took place in Jesus’ life.  In these books, the Thoene’s give shape to what may have happened.  They don’t change anything that the Bible says, just add interesting details.  These books introduce many interesting characters such as a young boy born blind who Jesus heals and who follows Jesus the rest of Jesus’ life.

The Thoene’s have written 65 books of fiction.  Eight of these have won Gold Medallion Awards. One notable award is the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Award.
I would like to introduce you to another author, Francine Rivers.  She has written five books on women in the Bible:  Tamar, Rehab, Bathsheba, Ruth, and Mary.   She also wrote five books on the lives of five men:  Caleb, Amos, Silas, Jonathan and Aaron.  
The Priest is the story of Aaron who was with his brother Moses as Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.  It is a very moving and interesting story which actually spans the 2nd through the 5th books of the Old Testament. Often I went to the Bible because I wondered, “Did that really happen?”  Always I found that it did. Rivers makes the story come alive as she tells of the feelings, emotions, fears, and doubts that the characters have.  When one finishes a book like this one, one knows the Bible so much better than one did before.

Francine Rivers has also written the three-book series Mark of the Lion which tells of life in the time when Rome made sport of tossing people to the lions in the arena and had gladiators fight one another to the death in front of crowds of people.  In the midst of all this, she tells of those who were Christians even though they were often put to death for their faith.  It’s during the time soon after Christ’s crucifixion.  The apostle Mark is a part of the story.
I hope I have interested you in reading some exciting books with a Christian message.  I will bring others to your attention later.